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Published Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shame on Newton

Thank you so much for vitalizing an old newspaper that’s only news was bar mitzvahs and weddings. Over the short period of time, you have created thought-provoking articles and you have courageously made this newspaper relevant for Jews in this turbulent period.

Shame on Newton and its mayor for not being leaders in not the calling outrageous acts “anti-Semitism.” Would Mayor Setti Warren not been out horrified if they comments were about black people. Oh, it’s about Jews – doesn’t matter. Shame on the “educated people” of Newton for not rising up and calling for the impeachment of the mayor and the superintendent.

“JEWISH LIVES MATTER.” Do we need another Newtown Conn.? I have emailed this article to everyone I know and have asked them to send a letter of disgust to the mayor and ask that they not support him even if he does a “mea culpa.”

Robert Baskies, Chelsea

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