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Published Friday, May 6, 2016

Should We Give in to Muslim Terrorists?

On whose side are Cooper Boyar and “J” street?

This letter is in response to an April 14, 2016 Article in your newspaper, section “Thoughts and Opinion,” titled “Federations have a choice to make: Will they side with Israeli Government or students fighting BDS?”

After reading that article, my question is: “On whose side are Cooper Boyar and “J” street?” Because Cooper agrees with BDS by calling Muslims “Palestinians,” he agrees that there is occupation, even though Jews live in their own Biblical homeland. Cooper refers to “green line,” even though BDS doesn’t recognize such line, and views all of Israel as an illegal settlement. So it looks as if Cooper is proposing to fight BDS by agreeing to all their terms, and paving a way for another Auschwitz. Is this the best that a Jewish community has to offer?

It is particularly ironic that this discussion is taking place during the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. It appears that to this day, the lessons of that bombing went unlearned. It should have been clear after 9/11, but alas here we are, with people like Boyar, who propose negotiating with, and giving in to, demands of Muslim terrorists.

BDS is part of a worldwide Muslim effort to discredit Israel and the Jews, with the ultimate goal of destroying both. By giving in to Muslim demands on Israel, American Jews will not be any safer; just the opposite, and the Boston bombing is another example that it is not just Israel that has to deal with Muslim terrorists.

When Cooper calls for Federations to “show leadership when it comes to settlements,” he fails to understand that this is exactly the kind of thing that Federations have been doing for years. For a very long time, Federations have been restricting grants to within the “green line,” yet the results of such policy have only worsened the standing of Israel and the Jews worldwide.

Unfortunately for both Jews and non-Jews, Muslims lay such claims worldwide, be that Kosovo, Kashmir, Detroit or Boston. The Islamic goal is to take over worldwide for Allah. As Muslims say five times daily in prayer, “There is no God but Allah and Muhamad is his messenger.” And Muhamad’s message was to destroy all infidels and conquer all lands. Jews must stand together with our non-Muslim friends, and demand immediate deportation of Muslims already residing inside our lands. Because if we don’t, then all our lives are in danger, and

“Boston Marathon bombing” events will happen daily, as is already happening in Israel and Europe. Abraham Lochnell via email

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