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Published Monday, May 9, 2016

Free Jonathan Pollard Fully

Here’s a simple litmus test, in the form of three questions, to see which of the presidential candidates is really and truly a friend of Israel. Regarding Jonathan Pollard, ask each candidate:

  1. When President, do you promise to take the shackles off Jonathan Pollard’s leg which, ever since he was “set free” in November 2015, prevent him from living a normal life?

  2. Will you, finally, on the record and without equivocation, free this man and let him, finally, go to Israel to live, which has been his dream for decades?  

  3. Or will you be like Obama, Bush and Clinton, and talk a good game about being Israel’s friend but back out and waffle when it comes to really proving it – thus keeping this man, a hero to many Jews, especially in Israel, fettered and bound? 

Pinchas Baram, Brookline

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