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Published Thursday, June 30, 2016

Temple Tiferet Shalom Outraged by Cartoon

The Board of Trustees of Temple Tiferet Shalom of Peabody, with the support of our clergy and the Social Action Committee, are writing to express our outrage at the Jewish Journal’s June 16th editorial. The cartoon and text, taking up the entire back page of the issue, clearly claim that all Muslims share the belief that gay people should “be hanged” and that women are to be afforded no rights.

Linking 1.4 billion Muslims with the depraved mentality of the Orlando killer is morally reprehensible. As Jews, our long experience of vilification via guilt by association should sensitize us to the scapegoating of an entire religion due to the sins of a few. ISIS and their ilk subscribe to a totalitarian ideology that is rejected by the vast majority of religious Muslims. The sentiment in the Journal’s cartoon represents an affront to our Muslim brothers and sisters, and stands in contrast to our Jewish and American values and to our communal norms of decency and respect.

We removed the June 16th edition of the Jewish Journal from our temple lobby and library, and are considering the suspension of advertising in the Journal until such time as a retraction is made or a change in editorial direction convinces us that the paper represents the Jewish community in a positive way. The vaunted American right to free speech does not endorse or mandate a community publication engaging in hate speech.

Laurie Hymanson, President TTS

Rabbi David Kudan

Rabbi Emily Mathis

Cantor Rosalie Toubes

Bryna Tabasky, Music Director

Edwin Andrews, Social Action Chair, Board of Trustees of TTS

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