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Published Thursday, October 8, 2015, 9:21 am

Thank You!

By Todd Feinburg

From the Editor:

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to explore our website, and, hopefully, our print edition, which hits your home with more enhancements each week. We are very excited about the October 8 paper, as we continue to work on the design and formatting of our new calendar section, and, you may have noticed, a new format for our front page.

These adjustments are made with a goal of keeping the Journal in step with trends in the news business as we strive to better serve the Greater Boston Jewish Community. Please send your event listings to Send story ideas or other thoughts to

While we print a new paper and update the website with fresh stories every two weeks, for us, the paper is an every day event. I’d like to take an opportunity to remind you about the people who put lots of time - and even more heart - into producing the Jewish Journal.

Associate Editor Amy Forman is our organizer-in-chief – cheerful, focused and moving at light-speed, Amy makes sure that each story has a place and that each inch of space gets its content. She also is a key staff writer.

It used to be that laying out a newspaper meant taking printed pages, cutting them into the right shape and pasting them onto a separate board for each page. This we do now on computers, of course, with the great skill, patience and creativity of Andrew Fleischer and Yulia Zhorov.

Lois Kaplan and Cathy McDonough coordinate with advertisers to make sure their messages are conveyed with all the power and beauty they desire. Lois has spent years at the job and has excelled because she acts with diligence to make sure her clients are happy. Cathy is quickly building a large following, one which depends on her to get everything right.

As Business Manager, Chet Baker has long handled the bookkeeping at the Journal, along with other tasks like making sure you still get your paper – even if you’re away for the summer or someplace warm for the winter.

My job, as editor, is to infuse the paper with a singularity of purpose and character while keeping us on mission in the service of our community.

In addition, I’ll be working to enhance our online presence and use social media to keep our work in front of those who prefer reading news on electronic devices rather than paper. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@JournalBoston).

Thank You, Todd Feinburg

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