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Published Thursday, November 19, 2015, 3:07 pm

Israel and Paris: Shoulder to Shoulder


The stunning face of an 18 year old IDF soldier defines our new issue. What is it that makes her stare so impactful? Is it her beauty, her delicacy, her girlish freckles? Or her power and determination – that one can imagine her as a fearsome fighter? Perhaps it is because she communicates doubt and vulnerability while also symbolizing the fortitude that powers Israel that she jumps of the front page with such power.

The attacks in France are of incalculable impact. They change ideas on immigration, they challenge our notions of liberty, they may alter the course of the presidential race. We will continue to cover the side-effects as time goes on.

For those who experience violence first-hand – whether fighters or victims – the effects for survivors are long-lasting. Seth Gitell, who was raised in a PTSD household, offers insight into how the damage done to one person impacts another generation.

We have lots to see in this issue, including our ever-growing calendar, a feature on the Phantom Gourmet’s Andelman brothers, a review of a new wood oven pizza restaurant in Salem called Bambolina and a profile on the owner of the natural food restaurant Life Alive, also in Salem… and don’t miss Alan Pierce’s coverage of the “Rescued Torah” at Temple B’nai Abraham in Beverly.


Todd Feinburg

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