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Published Friday, July 10, 2015, 1:04 pm

The Dead of Summer

By Joshua Resnek

We are at the point in the summer of 2015 when there is just as much summer in front of us as behind us. For those of you who love the summer, the heat, the languor of these precious weeks when we don’t need sweaters or warm clothes, the beginning of July puts us at a comfortable moment when the warmth pervades everything.

The nights are a bit longer. We keep our windows open or the air conditioners on. We grill our food or are more inclined to going out. We are made happy by the heat. We are made uncomfortable by the heat. We tend not to think of ice and snow.

Some of us find romance. Some of us fall out of love. A summer song resonates in our head. A trip here or there casts an endless shadow or powerful memory.

It is hard to know exactly what a summer in our life holds until the summer is at its end.

During this dead of summer, we urge you to enjoy your place in this world as a blessing, and to be grateful for all you have and for the remainder of the summer which, for this brief moment in time, stretches eternal.

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