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Published Thursday, October 8, 2015, 9:59 am

Iran's Ayatollah with back to wall

By Joshua Resnek

Iran’s Ayatollah K has again lashed out at the United States in order to protect his weakening flank in a nation he can barely control. Yesterday, he said straight out that there would be no further negotiations with the United States about anything. Why? Because our culture, our business savvy, our interest in human rights, our protection of womens’ rights, and the rights of all those with different religions and sexual preferences is incompatible with the aging revolutionaries perverted view of the Iranian world which would seek to allow none of that..but already does. There is the rub for the Ayatollah K. Despite his best effort to pit the old revolutionaries against the half of the Iranian population that is under 30 and yearning for freedom he is failing miserably. Why, again? Because young people want their freedom. The old revolutionaries want the absence of freedom and the imposition of strict Muslim cultural and religious law and dogma that no young person has an ounce of interest in. Many older people are also very tired of Iranian dogma that keeps that nation at odds with the rest of the world, and especially with the Western World. The Ayatollah K can try to control the Internet, peoples’ private sexual lives, their public persona as Iranians and on and on but he will fail He will try to keep Western culture out of Iran but this is what young Iranians en masse want and love. There is no rational or reasonable way to keep Western culture and its pervasive imperatives - expressions of personal freedom, expressions of artistic and intellectual freedom, expressions of freedom of every kind away from younger Iranians. Cell phones, internet, Facebook, outside interests coming inside to Iran makes this impossible. Ayatollah K knows this as well as anyone. Whatever Americans may think about Ayatollah K, he is the smartest of the power brokers leading Iran. This man is no fool. He understands the world. He

especially understands his own world as the leader of a split Iran. If he can’t keep the maniac aging revolutionaries at bay and assuage the overpowering interests of the younger people all yearning for freedom and the vestiges of Western culture, then everything collapses. Its the old Abe Lincoln quote from 1858 - “A house divided cannot stand.” Iran is a house divided - a repressive, male dominated, dogmatic Muslim leadership that is staring into a bleak future unless the place changes. Ayatollah K is likely the last of the line of commanding Iranian leaders shouting with the masses of aging soldiers and revolutionaries, “Death to America.” There are no more Ayatollah K’s coming up the ladder in Iran. Iran faces a rapidly changing world, and one in which a large part of their youngest inhabitants are being left behind. Nothing lasts forever. The Iran of today will shortly be the stuff of stale history. Ayatollah K knows this. He lives this. There is nothing he can do to stop Iranian youth from taking over. When the old line is aged and gone, the next generation controls.

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