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Published Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 3:44 pm

The Message sent by random stabbings of Jews


The random stabbing of Jews in Israel during the past four weeks is the clearest example of unadorned hatred and Palestinian anti-Semitism. Palestinians running around stabbing Jews, any Jew they can find, are atrocities and should be categorized as such - end of discussion. I don’t believe there is a hint of doubt that younger Palestinians by and large, who have been educated and brought up in a climate of hatred and anti-Semitism, would kill every Jew in Israel and destroy Israeli society and have a great laugh afterward if given the chance. Such actions anywhere else on this earth would be regarded as crimes against humanity. But not in the Middle East and not among the nations making up the hypocritical United Nations. Jews as criminals has a satisfying ring to it for the world’s anti-Semites. Palestinians praise their young for stabbing Jews. Hamas calls for blowing up Jews. Hezbollah does the same. Death to Jews is their credo. How much of this hate mongering and calls for genocide and extermination, for random violence against Jews by Palestinians can there be before Jews everywhere understand we are living during a changing era when it is OK to talk about erasing Jews from the face of the earth. We can take considerable consolation that the Israelis hold an arsenal of atomic bombs that could turn the deserts of the Middle East into glass in a matter to one hour - and that Israeli Air Force could deliver those bombs with great precision on every Arab capital. Gaza could be wiped out with one atomic bomb. That would certainly stop the firing of rockets into Israel, wouldn’t it? Dealing with the remainder of the Palestinian nation would be more problematic as more than a million live in Israel with Israelis and don’t want to be living with their Palestinian counterparts who practice random stabbing and suicide bombings. Obviously, unless the end is perceived to be near for the Israeli nation, atomic bombs will never be used. Still, there is no bravado on the part of Israelis when it comes to its atomic stockpile and no questions among the world’s great powers about the responsibility shown by Israel and its leaders. Compare this with the threats of the Iranians for the extermination of Israel. Israel could erase Iran overnight. In the last analysis, Israel doesn’t really have to worry about Iran as it can destroy Iran instantly. So what is the fuss? As Israel’s connection to the Holocaust fades, as the memory of the Holocaust fades from the world’s mind set, it has become OK to shout about the extermination of Israel at Friday prayers in Teheran, among nearly the entirety of the younger Palestinian population in Gaza and on the West Bank and throughout the Arab world. Jews still wear the numbered tattoos of Nazi genocide. We will always wear those numdered tattoos. The memory of all that reminds us of how far the world will go to wipe us off the face of the earth. When so many millions of people are wanting us to be erased from the face of the earth in honor of their violent religion, it is time to stand up and to be counted. Stand up and be counted, fight the hate or be gone. It is as simple as that believe it or not.

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