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Published Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 5:12 pm

Pursue Justice

By Maury Adkins

This past Friday I had a phone conference with my lawyers. One is in California and the other in Boston. I have consented to be the class representative in a class action lawsuit against Hewlett-Packard for warranty fraud.

In a nutshell, HP activates the warranty on computers the day they leave the factory rather than the day the consumer purchases the machine. If called on it and one jumps through all the hoops, HP will adjust the warranty date to reflect it beginning on the purchase date. Given most of the HP laptops are designed to last about a year or less, a few months stolen by them on a warranty can be very costly. Their actions are wrong and criminal. This seems to be a situation in which we are commanded to pursue justice. So I am.

Admittedly, I do not relish fighting against the lawyers HP will hire to defend its actions nor do I desire to be the poster child in the media for taking on the giant. What I desire and what I must do are not the same thing. My desires are as not important as my responsibilities.

I am often amazed by the number of people who never seem to cease kvetching about this or that yet never take any constructive action to make things different. Incumbent in our duty to heal, repair, and transform the world is our obligation to pursue justice. The world is not going to magically change on its own. Injustice is not going to stop by the sudden awakening of wrong-doers having an epiphany, and deciding to no longer act in deceptive ways. It is up to us to accept reality and do our part to make a difference in the world.

It is a day-to-day choice to make things better and to stand up against wrong. Believe you me there are fights I don’t desire to be a part of yet they are placed in my path and I know what is right and what I must do. The same is true for each of us. We don’t all fight to change the world in the same ways. I am probably more aggressive than some. I am not sure if that is good or bad, it just is. The end game is to create awareness of things that need to be changed and to educate people to fight for those changes.

Everyone of us and can and should do whatever we are capable of in order to make this world a better place. There are no phone booths left and there is no Superman coming to save us. It is up to me and you and all of us to do our part to bring restoration and healing to this world.

Finding equitable solutions to complex problems is the crux of pursuing justice. Justice is not only communal, it is individual. There is a Divine reaction to our actions. To the extent we prevail in seeking justice the Divine allows His presence to flow. Conversely, if we do not seek justice, Divine judgment flows.

As Jews we are obligated by Torah to honestly pursue justice and give voice to Torah beliefs and our Jewish values. There are really no “opt-out” caveats though many live as though there are. May we all be blessed with courage to pursue truth and justice and in so doing make our world a better place.

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