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  1. Murray Greenfield Captivates with Holocaust Narrative

    Greenfield joined a group of heroic Americans who collectively rescued more than a third of Holocaust survivors from Europe, sailing from Italy to Haifa at night to avoid the British.

  2. Silber Golf Tournament Reaches 19th Hole

    For the first year-and-a-half of his illness, Brian D. Silber was misdiagnosed. The tumor that took his life was so rare that little was known about how to treat it.

  3. John Rosenthal: Don’t Be a Target

    The Founding Fathers never intended criminals and dangerously mentally ill people to be able to buy guns.

  4. Batman and Brady: Detoxing with Sheriff Cousins

    The Essex County Sheriff’s Department’s new detox unit in Middleton is a first step for people to get help and put themselves on a guided path to getting sober.

  5. When German Jews Came to America

    Arriving in America in the 1800s, young German Jews picked up the only trade they knew and could afford – peddling.

  6. Paths Cross at Hebrew College

    The ordination capped five or six years of studies, a lengthy process that included mastery of Hebrew and a course of religious studies.

  7. Two Generations on Hillary Clinton

    Hillary has always been a strong feminist, and a role model for women around the world.

  8. A Feminist View on Hillary

    Voting for Clinton singularly based on her gender goes against every fiber of my personal definition of what it is to be a feminist and what it means to have gender equality.

  9. Hillary at the Top After All These Years

    Clinton’s piercing of the glass ceiling in American politics is one of the great historical moments in American history, a seminal moment for the women of this nation and around the world.

  10. Up Close and Personal: Looking at Religion

    On June 7, a woman was arrested by the Jerusalem police for carrying a Torah to the Kotel.

  11. Mayor Warren Confronted at Newton Anti-Semitism Forum

    More than 150 people gathered in Newton to hear Mayor Warren take another step in coming to terms with anti-Semitic events.

  12. Anti-Semitic Graffiti Spreads to Beverly, Andover

    “It’s hateful, it’s hurtful, and it’s something that needs to wake up the community as to why this happens. We covered it over, but we didn’t intend to cover it up.”

  13. Not Just Girls: Bruce Mendelsohn Hosts Warriors

    “They call themselves girls, and people who see them call them women. They’re neither. These are warriors.”

  14. One Year In, Cohen Hillel Academy Strikes Gold

    After years of seeing the student body shrink and the relevance of Jewish Day School as a concept questioned, a “renewal” is underway at CHA.

  15. A Bar Mitzvah with 1.2 Million Guests

    The service was held at the open-air Goldrich Family Foundation Children’s Memorial, which is part of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMOTH).

  16. The First Twentieth Century Pogrom

    In 1903, American Jews organized a nationwide protest petition, but Russia’s Czar Nicholas II refused to acknowledge it.

  17. The Arabs’ Real Grievance Against the Jews: They Exist

    Jews demand the right to exist and to exist as equals on the land where they have existed and belonged continuously for more than three thousand years.

  18. One Boy’s Bar Mitzvah a Big Victory

    Sam Stein decided last year, all by himself and without pressure from his parents, that he wanted to have a Bar Mitzvah.

  19. Getting Jung: What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

    Jungian analysis is a method of psychotherapy developed by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who was mentored by Sigmund Freud but would break with the father of modern psychology.

  20. An Interview with Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon

    “When I take the podium [at the U.N.] I feel I am representing not only Israel. I am representing the Jewish people.”

  21. Dial “M” for Joel

    Joel Markus is a one-man visual branding expert based in Salem, whose slients include ESPN, Bose, Discovery and The Home Depot.

  22. JCC Infant Toddler Program Gets its Name Back

    Ursula Block, the co-founder of the Infant Toddler Program at the JCC, was the director of the program for the first 7 years.

  23. Swastikas: Winthrop Joins Newton, Georgetown, Marblehead, Swampscott, etc.

    Anti-Semitism, with swastikas playing a starring role, has been making news of late in Greater Boston. Multiple incidents have occurred recently in local communities.

  24. Pet Expert: Maybe You’re Doing it Wrong

    Robert Berkelhammer, author of Pet Caregivers and Families, offers his professional advice for pet owners of dogs, cats and birds.

  25. Sargent’s Book Finally Published After 50 Years

    Sargent, an 81-year-old award-winning Salem poet and author of “What Makes The United States?”, she always loved history.

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