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  1. Electrolux Seder

    Elijah now sipped out of the sterling goblet that was first used during my marriage. I polished every part of it carefully for him.

  2. What to Put on Yehuda Ancient Grain Organic Spelt Matzo

    There are now more than 100 Passover [food] products tailored for the holiday.

  3. Milky on My Mind

    The Milky name is one of the most highly recognized brand names in Israel. Over 6,000,000 Milky products are sold each month.

  4. Jewish Food Featured at Boston Conference

    An annual springtime event that gathers a sizable community of those interested in learning about Jewish culture

  5. Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen

    Boston’s premier Jewish food celebration, sponsored by the Jewish Arts Collaborative, on Sunday, March 13.

  6. Phine Phood for Phat Cats, Even for a Vegetarian

    Ashley responded with cheer when I mentioned being vegetarian. “We’ve got tons of stuff for you,” she said, mentioning their Veggie Burger, “a real one, made here, not a manufactured little patty,” she assured.

  7. New York Style Bagels Hit the Farms

    There can never be too many locations to grab a well-made bagel, so who could be unhappy about one nestled in a hundred-year-old train station a few feet from the commuter rail tracks in Beverly Farms?

  8. Concerned About Eating Disorders in Orthodox Community

    Eating disorder and the Orthodox Jewish Community

  9. SweetGreen: An Interview

    Founder Jonathan Neman spoke to the Journal recently.

  10. SweetGreen: The Future of Fine Dining?

    We treat ourselves to salads like “Rad Thai,” listed at 375 calories and made with “organic arugula and organic mesclun,” greens that large swaths of the country couldn’t identify by sight.

  11. Chinese Food and Jews

    A hundred things Jewish people are not supposed to be eating will be consumed during the holidays at our favorite Chinese food restaurants.

  12. CK Pearl: Food as Good as the Views

    Restaurant sensibilities are in constant flux, but CK Pearl in Essex is running in sync with current expectations.

  13. Chai Alive: Feeding the Vitality of the World

    “We help people who are going through cancer, chronic illnesses, depression, obesity. Food is very connected to health.”

  14. A Very Visible Phantom Gourmet

    “Our popularity amazes and humbles us. We’re hardworking guys. We take a lot of pride in what we do.”

  15. Joan Nathan: A Jewish Recipe for Thanksgiving

    “I always come back to New England for Thanksgiving, and my family comes back too – they love it.”

  16. An Idea to Drink To

    Fruitations is available locally at Kappy’s, Becky’s in Marblehead and Whole Foods.

  17. Israeli Chefs Help Fuel Wave of Culinary Interest

    A growing group of restaurants in Boston with ties to Israel have been feeding the progress strong business ties.

  18. More Than a Meal

    Jeanie Gruber devised the concept for Improv Kitchen and the restaurant’s open-ended cookbook in which customers improvise with “Miss Jeanie” to create their lunch recipe, because she doesn’t like to do the same thing every day.

  19. A Fairytale Begins Anew at Stowaway Sweets

    …when people come into Stowaway Sweets, they’re often stepping back into time, revisiting a place they loved when they were children.

  20. Farmers Markets Are the Way to Go for Summer

    “Farmers markets are for those of us who want to get out of the supermarkets for the summer,” Lisa Griffiths of That Nutty Redhead said.

  21. Bagels Are Much More Than Round Bread With Holes in Them

    Todd Feinburg tours Greater Boston to find a good New York-style bagel.

  22. Geller’s Ganache

    The following recipe by Chef Jamie Geller is from the “Joy of Kosher” cookbook.

  23. Filling Deli Documentary Goes Down Easy

    Michael Fox reviews the film about the past, present and uncertain future of Jewish delis.

  24. Eating Your Hat, A Purim Tradition

    Recipes for the traditional Purim treat, including filling ideas from “The Mile End Cookbook” by Noah and Rae Bernamoff.

  25. Cara’s Cucina is CHA’licious

    At Cohen Hillel Academy, a new daily hot lunch program features hot kosher lunches prepared by Cara Goldwasser.

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