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Letters to the Editor

  1. Temple Tiferet Shalom Outraged by Cartoon

    Linking 1.4 billion Muslims with the depraved mentality of the Orlando killer is morally reprehensible.

  2. Barry Shrage Addresses Cartoon

    We implore the editors of the Jewish Journal to reject discriminatory content.

  3. Temple B’nai Abraham Community Not Served

    The “new” Journal no longer serves its readership in the way that it should.

  4. A Veggie BBQ

    Vegan foods not only taste great, they’re better for you – and your guests – because they’re cholesterol-free and generally low in saturated fat.

  5. Cartoon “Deeply Troubling”

    The fight against Islamic extremism is not strengthened by smearing all Muslims.

  6. Orlando Shooter Was an American Muslim

    It is my hope that the Journal will be more cautious in what it is choosing to publish.

  7. Cartoon Targets Muslim Religion

    I am deeply shocked and ashamed at the “cartoon” that was prominently placed on last week’s Journal back page.

  8. Swampscott No Better than Newton

    If someone wants to explain to me the purpose in pitting two Jewish communities, both of whom I have found to be nothing but welcoming, against one another, I am all ears.

  9. Proud and Well in Swampscott

    We no longer have to keep below the radar screen. We can openly stand proud being a Jew.

  10. A Life of Ease? I Don’t Think So.

    The demands of a high-income job on one’s time and energy are not conducive to a life of ease.

  11. Song Preserved

    “It’s Alright to be Afraid” deserves to be heard.

  12. Everyone Should Co-exist Peacefully

    I have seen firsthand how to meet hatred face to face and work through it so everyone can coexist peacefully and to the mutual benefit of all.

  13. Clear Condemnation of Anti-Semitism Would Have Been Better

    I applaud the Journal’s broader perspective on issues of current events that are of particular interest to its audience, whether the story is local or national.

  14. Don’t Eat Traif Especially Bacon

    Yet another report links bacon and other processed meats to cancer.

  15. Free Jonathan Pollard Fully

    Obama, Bush and Clinton talked a good game about being Israel’s friend but backed out and waffled when it came to really proving it.

  16. Stronger Than Ever

    Israel is very much like our country, wonderful in so many ways yet imperfect with government leaders Far Right and Far Left.

  17. Should We Give in to Muslim Terrorists?

    On whose side are Cooper Boyar and “J” street?

  18. Celebrate the Powerful Art of Film

    We are delighted at the success of the JCC of the North Shore’s International Jewish Film Festival.

  19. Loving the Jewish Journal

    Whether you’re writing about the AIPAC meeting, or the elections, or anti-Semitism in Newton, or some historical subjects, I find it stimulating intellectually and spiritually.

  20. Good Work, Well Done

    One more thing is waitstaff that recites the “Specials” and doesn’t tell you how much they are.

  21. Celebrate the Powerful Art of Film

    For almost 30 years, the mission of The Boston Jewish Film Festival has been to celebrate the richness of the Jewish experience through film and media.

  22. Loving the Jewish Journal

    I wanted to let you know that I LOVE the new Journal!

  23. Should We Give in to Muslim Terrorists?

    This letter is in response to an April 14, 2016 Article in your newspaper, section “Thoughts and Opinion,” titled “Federations have a choice to make: Will they side with Israeli Government or students fighting BDS?”

  24. I am a Rabbi and I was There

    The recent spate of anti-Semitic graffiti incidents are disturbing and must be confronted. At the same time, it is clear that other forms of prejudice, intolerance and hate are percolating within our community.

  25. Shame on Newton

    Thank you so much for vitalizing an old newspaper that’s only news was bar mitzvahs and weddings.

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