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  1. Murray Greenfield Captivates with Holocaust Narrative

    Greenfield joined a group of heroic Americans who collectively rescued more than a third of Holocaust survivors from Europe, sailing from Italy to Haifa at night to avoid the British.

  2. Making Friends at an Assisted Living Facility

    Staff and resident relationships are an integral part of the assisted living experience.

  3. CJF Celebrates Grand Opening of Dapper McDonald ALS Residence

    The Leonard Florence Center for Living recently celebrated the opening of its second ALS residence in Chelsea.

  4. Mazel Tov to Annette and Paul Feinstein!

    Annette and Paul Feinstein of Swampscott celebrated their fiftieth Anniversary.

  5. Better Hearing Month: Tips for Dealing with Hearing Loss

    When a family member has hearing loss, the whole family has hearing loss.

  6. Survivor and Author, Rabbi Joseph Polak Reading at Congregation Eitz Chayim

    Rabbi Joseph Polak, an infant survivor of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, presented a dramatic reading from his book “After The Holocaust, The Bells Still Ring.”

  7. Sargent’s Book Finally Published After 50 Years

    Sargent, an 81-year-old award-winning Salem poet and author of “What Makes The United States?”, she always loved history.

  8. The Many Different Models of Assisted Living

    In most ALF’s today, rentals are the accepted manner of payment for the apartment. However, some ALF’s still require an up-front buy-in fee and charge a smaller monthly community fee.

  9. Lifelong Chelsea Resident Turns 100

    Bernard Glassman was born 100 years ago on March 28, 1916 in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

  10. The Estates on Admiral’s Hill to Hold Spring Open House

    Chelsea Jewish Foundation will be holding a spring themed open house for its two assisted living residences on Thursday, April 7.

  11. When It’s Time to Pay for Assisted Living

    When exploring the financial aspects of moving into assisted living, each situation is different and needs to be evaluated on its own merit.

  12. Ralph Kaplan Led a Charmed Life

    Ralph Kaplan was one of the pillars of the Jewish community and a major leader for Israel Bond sales and Jewish causes in Greater Boston, whose Kappy’s Wine and Spirit stores dominate the Massachusetts retail liquor industry.

  13. With Support, Temple Group Addresses the Topic of Aging

    “I always knew I would get older, I never thought I would get old.”

  14. Senior Solutions

    Emotions can run high even in the most well-adjusted families when discussing senior living options, support services, health and financial issues.

  15. Progeria: Sam’s Fight Goes On

    “Being brave isn’t supposed to be easy,” Sam Berns liked to say. For him, the challenge was to focus on the positives that life had to offer.

  16. From Generation to Generation through Songs, Crayons and Games

    “It is always fun with the kids. It is unpredictable. They are all different.”

  17. At Age 107, Joe Bach is the Oldest Survivor

    Chelsea’s Joe Bach is the oldest living survivor that the U.S. Holocaust Museum has ever interviewed.

  18. A Doctor’s Unexpected Mitzvah

    Rebecca Karp Leaf helped a man with terminal cancer fulfill a final mitzvah in his quest to convert to Judaism

  19. One Hundred Years Young

    It is likely that Monroe Somer will spend some time on his 100th birthday on February 2 at the piano and singing, as he does most days.

  20. Memory Café Serves Up Cup Coffee and Connection

    The meetings focus on making people with dementia and their caregivers feel safe, supported and successful.

  21. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Tap Shoes

    The “Senior Moments” tap group, formed over 20 years ago, comprises more than 50 North Shore dancers, ranging in age from 48 to 90.

  22. Dancing On, Despite Parkinson’s

    Free programs are available to everyone, regardless of faith or religious background.

  23. Attend Synagogue While Staying Home

    There are opportunities to cultivate your spiritual side without leaving the house.

  24. When Does Your Elderly Parent Need Help?

    There are few changes in life that are as tough to confront and as upsetting to familial roles as when you’re forced to become the caretaker for your parents.

  25. Sukkot Synergy

    Congregation Sons of Israel sukkah.

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