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  1. What Does Being Jewish Mean to Me?

    Up until last summer I saw “Jew” as a meaningless label. Thanks to Y2I, my view on Judaism took a 180° turn.

  2. #lovewins

    Kat Veytsman is a Junior at Marblehead High School. The recent Orlando killings have inspired her to write a poem encouraging people to love each other.

  3. Evening of Accomplishment at CHA

    Cohen Hillel Academy’s annual meeting, with the theme of L’CHAdesh (To Renew) on June 8 was a special evening of recognition and tribute.

  4. Honoring Robert Salter and Jerry Somers at CHA

    “To Renew” is the theme of CHA’s upcoming annual meeting, representing a special evening of recognition and tribute.

  5. One Year In, Cohen Hillel Academy Strikes Gold

    After years of seeing the student body shrink and the relevance of Jewish Day School as a concept questioned, a “renewal” is underway at CHA.

  6. Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel Chosen

    Outstanding high school students from diverse Jewish backgrounds have been selected for an immersive Israel study program and lifelong fellowship.

  7. Social Justice Programming at Cohen Hillel Academy

    Through our social justice program, students were involved in a variety of projects that taught them that they can make a difference.

  8. Rube Goldberg’s Passover at Cohen Hillel

    The team of ambitious students met twice a week to construct a Rube Goldberg Machine that would show the Passover story in a series of steps leading to the revelation of a Seder plate.

  9. North Shore Teen Initiative Beautifies The Bridge House

    Seeing 100 volunteers spending the first Sunday of vacation lending a hand when they could have been relaxing or traveling was powerful and created a sense of community and unity.

  10. Study Abroad: Relationships for a Lifetime

    In January, I arrived in Israel to begin my semester on NFTY-EIE High School, a four-month study abroad program through the Union for Reform Judaism.

  11. A Semester in Israel

    In January, I arrived in Israel to begin my semester at NFTY-EIE High School, a four-month study abroad program through the Union for Reform Judaism.

  12. YPI Impacts Youth Violence

    Once you have communication, so many doors open up. It’s amazing and Franklin Field is a prime example.

  13. Hosting International Exchange Students

    Contrary to what many believe, it is not difficult or time consuming to host an exchange student, as they quickly integrate into your household and your rhythm of life.

  14. Swampscott High School Photography Club Hosts STEM Night

    Swampscott High School held STEM Night

  15. Homework Blues and How to Beat Them

    Without proper guidance, homework can create stress and friction between parents and children.

  16. Coming to Terms with Her Judaism

    Over the years, I have come to be proud of my Jewish identity.

  17. BU Hillel’s Alternative Spring Break trip to Oaxaca, Mexico

    Boston University students applied to participate in BU Hillel’s Alternative Spring Break trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.

  18. Youth To Israel Adventure

    2016 Y2I, a CJP-supported program, will depart for Israel on July 3rd with 104 teens, 31 teens more than last year.

  19. Local Teens Launch Bench Bro App

    The Bench Bro app is available for free download at the iTunes App Store and at Google Play. The game has caught international interest and success.

  20. Saying Goodbye to Yavneh

    For after 26 years as camp Yavneh director, and several more as a camper and counselor, Debbie Sussman is stepping down at the end of this summer.

  21. Kids Against Trump

    Nine-year-old Alexis Fridman made a petition to “Dump Trump” with her friends during recesses at Angier School in Newton.

  22. Sarah Gilberg’s Artistic Talent

    Sarah Gilberg, a junior at Lynn English High School, was selected Best Of School for her painting “Neat Sneaks”.

  23. Crazy Hat Day

    The students of Cohen Hillel Academy participated in Crazy Hat Day

  24. The Culture of Kindergarten

    Welcome to kindergarten, the happiest place on earth!

  25. Jewish Book Camp

    There is a communal, Jewish cultural memory that connected us to each other and to the characters.

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